In collection You Made It, we reach the stories behind the walls and the borders. Rather than facts and numbers telling us about the refugee crisis, we believe in the power of human stories. We embrace clothes as the skin we carry throughout the journeys and reflect the stories of refugees. Instead of standing idly by the undergoing struggle of displaced people, we ask the question: What would you do if it happens to you in the near future? Rather than being sorry - can we learn something from the stories of the refugees? Could we also make it?


The “abcde” on both sides is written down by a child who participated in one of our expressive art workshops. We aim to provide children a tool other than language to express themselves.

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“All I know is I want you to not forget us. Don’t forget this country.” said Mazhar Omar Tayara, minutes before he went out to protest in the city of Homs, Syria. We will always remember the activists who lost their lives fighting for freedom. Directions for use: Remember.

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Imagine a piece of paper, pale pink and covered by a leather case. Can it change your life? If it is called “passport”, then yes it can. Can it get you through the borders? Not always. Directions for use: Carry this stitched passport with you at all times. A passport with no guarantee of crossing the border.

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Doaa represents the story of a 19-year-old woman who got onto an old fishing boat with her fiancee and 500 other people, trying to escape the war. The sea took the lives of all people, except the life of Doaa and an 18-month-old baby. We made this sweatshirt as a remembrance to all those who lost their lives in the sea. Between the dark blue of the Mediterranean Sea and the black of the night, the red line represents the stories of the lovers that can’t unite.

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Island of Lesbos hosted legendary Greek poet Sappho during 630 B.C. - 580 B.C., as well as serving as a hub for approximately one million refugees landing there since 2015. Directions for use: Think about the refugees who made it to the island, just as the legendary poet Sappho of Lesbos put it thousands of years ago.

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What would you do if the only obstacle against your new life were barbed wire? What would happen to your body and your loved one’s bodies? Directions for use: Watch out for the razor wire.

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If a jacket carries a life, then it carries the story of a life within. Life jackets are prominent symbols of the refugee crisis. After every landing thousands of life jackets are left behind. Can we approach these orange vests as representations of a journey to reach a new life? Directions for use: Unzip to get lighter. 

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A piece of cloth with 8 different parts embrace 8 different blood types. Can a red hoodie remind us that when we bleed, we bleed the same? Directions for use: Wear 8 types together as a whole.

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