1. What You Wear Tells A Story

Clothes are no longer a shred of fabric to cover ourselves but rather a medium to communicate with others. Our dreams and thoughts are what make us different, and we reflect them through our clothes. Whether you put any effort into your outfit or not, what you wear tells a story.
At reflect, we believe in the power of stories that make feelings tangible and ideas memorable. Since storytelling is core to the human experience, we enrich our product designs with the stories of ideas, events, or people that inspire us. We simply build timeless narratives to take you on an engaging journey through clothes.

2. Radical Transparency Establishes Trust

Earth is our home and all communities on this planet depend on Earth to survive. Yet, humanity is devouring the planet's wide variety of natural resources in increasingly destructive volumes.  A zero-sum game is a contest for control of finite resources. Whatever one gains, another must lose.
At reflect, we reject to be the part of the damage that the fashion industry causes on the environment. Not only are our fabrics locally sourced, sustainably manufactured and fairly traded, but reflect is never mass-produced. We believe that radical transparency is the only way for establishing trust. Therefore, we guarantee an ethical and transparent operation from production to distribution. We also record the every single step in production process and share it with you.

3. Every Purchase Is An Endorsement

Every organization is like a living organism with its own culture, its policies and its core values. We are cultivating and endorsing them by purchasing their products or services. As customers become more aware of their own power and impact as consumers, companies are getting more inventive with adopting their business practices that encourage meaningful consumption. However, the expected overall change still has not been put into practice yet.
At reflect, we believe in customers who understand that every purchase is an endorsement and seek assurance that supply chain or production is free from the terrifying realities of any human rights or environmental abuses.